Musical paintings by Paul N Grech

To me, music is basically a form of art that makes sound.

When You Think About It That Way…

I just thought about it and finally have come to the realization that Javier will not be calling, from the random way he just put it out there that day I think it’s time to stop waiting in anticipation at my phone.

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Extended and Reduced

I’ve realized that lately my posts have been cut short to few unintelligent sentences. Well, at least one of them is. I’ll explain:

Javier said that sometime he’ll call me a few days ago, out of the blue. With no exact explanation. So I just sat around the phone all day waiting for him to call, though he never did. I don’t ever remember him calling me, ever. So I have no clue why he would say that.

Why would he get my hopes up like that for no particular reason? It’s called heartache kids.

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Call Me

Any day he will, any day now…